Dumb It Down

Let your ears capture the vibrations that my pen echoes,

The infinity of creative meadows,
Picnics of main course theories to socialise with the third eye villains,
The Lauryn Hill lovers with the self inflicted blinded sensibilities,
Hear no, see no white man without your inferiority complex taking presidency on your aura.
Coonery, they’re still finding humour in our mistreated freedom,
Because if a nigga sees a nigga, do nigga shit that niggas do, at the wrong place, what do niggas do?
Become perfectionists when the concoction of mathematics tells us how lost we are today.
How many in Chicago & how many in Brixton?

But you rather the simplicity?

I love them all too.

Trap this, trap that, the way of our inner city salvation. 
Pussy glistening at midnight’s sinful bonanza,
Each tongue stroke & sultry moan empathising an era when I weren’t shit.
Late night repercussions of mindless perspiration of my wallet,
Neglect the real thing.
We don’t have time; this shit is quicker.
Roll it up faster, 
We don’t have time for epiphanic moments of reality,
The hangover of its acceptance is bitter, 
Let your TV screens always remind you, you are a nigger. 

Am I now more preferable?
Sun Tzu taught me how to approach you niggas,
With invaluable scriptures, creating facial marvels from Jesus, in time
I’ll need narration for The Rager Edition of a Bible.
Passages from The book of Rage; Chapter 3 verse 16. 
With narration from Morgan Freeman. 
Focus on my set of horns, not my halo,
Excerpts from my soul to humanise the fact I’m still more nigga than philosopher.
Propositions to come down to ignorance of relativity,
Ignorance breeds ignance,
Can you see the levels to this shit?

Nas didn’t make Illmatic with Humpty Dumpty’s storyline. 

Now marinate on the title as a lyricist’s most painful suggestion. 

-The Rager

Written by Oladeji Odumosu


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