Paris, Tokyo

You may never know it, 

It’s a secret for you to bear, yet I’ll hold steadfast to my affection’s anonymity.
Ask me why to flex your vocals, perhaps to even hone your inquisitive tone for future conquests; my reasoning stays shrouded in an inexplicable cloud to extend the drought of a genuine smile to creep across my lips.
All I have to keep me warm is the pain we’ve indulged in,
All I’ve bathed in is the tears you’ve succumbed to & rose from. 
I am the reincarnation of Lucifer in Cupid’s own image.
So far from where I’ve fallen,
The pinnacle of a lover’s deity,
Now The Lord of all that’s smug & distant. 
How inaccurate can a mirror be?
I’ve changed, you know that. 
I’m not me, I’m a parody of what a steady diet of anger can create. 
Concoctions feasted off expired moments we’re determined to poison ourselves with. 
Romeo & Juliet,
A re-imagining  has never been more painful,
Feel my pulse through my temple;
Even through my fury my heart still beats for you. 
I’m here against my will,
My heart refuses to let my legs move. 
Think with your heart you tend to end up dead.
Impaled by my own arrows; feeling suicidal weekly,
With a trail of literature as a corroborating story,
The cause of death was love. 
I hate that I hate you. 
I hate that you made me hate what I’ve craved,
& I hate that I..
Could fly to the ends of the earth for your happiness & forget to attend my sanity’s own funeral.  
A five finger discount of the apple of my eye,
Monsters gotta eat, right?
Soul snatching as a beverage & a piece of my peace to wipe your hands with when it’s all said & done. 
& I’ve been done; so explanations are needed to why my mind is still glued to the thought of your hips.
Hephaestus built a soft spot in this machine of a man,
Held remorse till my spirit crumbled & rebuilt a new Rome funded by tyranny. 
From The Joker to Batman
At least he had Harley, 
Now this mansion as hollow as I feel, is where you may lay your head.
Let the echoes pillow talk you to sleep,
In your slumber, dream of the old me. 
-The Rager
Written by Oladeji Odumosu

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