You want to fuck? 
Blink twice if yes. 

Through your screams your intentions are ridiculed by your similarity.
You don’t love me,
You’re infatuated with the lure of infatuation.

“Sign my titties” 

While you hold your boyfriend’s hand?

This is what I’m doomed to. 
The pit of success drenched in a harpies’ personal perspiration,
But I’ll die if their thirst wasn’t quenched.
A prisoner of the urges cast out of paradise; so I’ll need sincerity to discontinue this placebo,
Because the pussy is always wetter on the outside lusting in,
Yet all the pussy in the world only leaves a tomb full of condoms. 

Like the pharaohs of old; my wealth will maintain its lure in my death,
May it be beautiful & sudden so you don’t get shit.
At 50 I don’t need 20, I need 20 years,
A sentence where I can bite the bullet & take its place before I take your hand. 
But fraudulence is a harsh mistress,
& she gives the best head.

Swallow my rationality,
Mind control as infamy has you by the balls. 
The price paid by the fine-print her hips give life to.
Woody off a buzz; the story you’ll lecture to your unwanted child,
From your unwanted spouse;
Since the bright lights, ass shots & make up; edited the ignorance that came out of her mouth.
The prior to her usefulness,
But how fruitful is hindsight’s I told you so’s?

This is recorded for posterity,
As a prophet of a self fulfilling fuck up I pray is coming. 
A soulmate can’t recognise the soulless, 
One of the few things these cameras & vaginas can steal from you. 

– The Rager

Written by Oladeji Odumosu


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