Pardon this brief intermission,

Purple strokes of the tongue embedded the conclusion; my conscience is missing.

Peculiar instances that within seconds, I’m transported to a Narnia decorated with hellfire & broken promises. 

The crystal ball says your future is intelligently dim lit,

All 120 seconds of it,

& through a baritone’s whispers, 

& a timeframe predetermined,

Find the urge to isolate the cause of discovery. 

Since cash rules nothing, greed is what evil can lay its hat on.

Pay the piper, donations proudly to the recipient, 

The grateful annual disgust of a python. 

The cost paid, this is not a toll free journey,

Honesty the best policy, so skip the optimism 


Join me.


Horror stories as autobiographies & through each murder scene & an exorcism,

Through a tear you’ll see you have a long blink of an eye to catch life’s rhythm.

The devil loves the rumba, keep calm; as I’m his Strictly Come partner,

Parnassus as a title,

Unlimited alter egos as a reoccurrence,

My reflection shattered after,

Different faces,

Unique sins; afraid to admit I admire every one,

As in hindsight, my misfortune was my only source of fun.


Held between a hard rock & a cock’s urge, 

Each decision at a pendulum’s grace,

& at each starting horn, I’m left to chance.

Each roll of the dice temperamental to the status of a bearded mask.


A vessel haunted,

Need you ask?


– The Rager


Written by Oladeji Odumosu


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