A flap away from freedom, yet your feet remain planted in the sewer I’ve submerged into. 
A clear case of the demon with a god complex,
I require your servitude as payment for your naivety.
Did your father not warn you of the cunnilingus of man?

Your halo nothing but a cock ring to my satisfaction. 

Come one, come all,
Witness elegance at its most deplorable
Your grace limited by the restraints my voices demands. 
Honour the tertiary product of a sign craved by man;
That you are not alone. 
Slave to the ill fated  flock than the pure dove glow to soothe the desires of my flesh,
But a warning sign in braille is useless to those who steer clear of the connection of the blessed; than the dammed,
& I’ll be dammed if you find your worth before you have sampled my toxins.

But your cage is a construct of a sheep skin & wolf’s words.

Fear not, my power is as divine as a serpents honour, 
When you regain your sight, bear witness to the deplorability of man, 
Return the tear stained crown to your master,
Tell the tale that the leaderless kings, your children, know no peace.

My muse,
My bitch to my blasphemy. 

– The Rager

Written by Oladeji Odumosu


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