Stand clear of my affections,
The gentle cleanse of my impure thoughts must manifest in some fashion,
Bathe the ape at the risk of a swing; shift in priorities,
Fresh pain to be engulfed by your negligence, find your peace; mine? has been buried no longer than a dragon’s age,
A flammable venom to singe all that we have built,
Don’t come close,
Don’t love me,
Warning signs that you already love me,
The fleeting caress when you rub me,
The wrong way to harmony I assure you.
You don’t really know me,
I will torture you to the brink of ecstasy,
Just to hear your soul moan me as I drift away while you hold me,
I have a silk stricken dungeon where a reputable revenge can be sculpted,
& with a stroke of genius I can own half of your essence.

Don’t love me,
Limit yourself to fuck me.

I am a chameleon to your heart’s rhythm, synchronised by a vile vengeance I cannot tame.

You forgot you know me,
Don’t forget you know me.

You misunderstood the slither my tongue graced your navel with,
This is not seduction but hint of your age old foe well trained & endowed,
You will never know pleasure without the screech of my name,
Each moment of consummation will be but blood in your mouth; the ill fated luxury I have graced you with from but a moment.

So come close, please come close.
Might know me, you’ve begun to know me.

I don’t give a fuck if you know me.

This gap is my conscience congratulating me on thought of regret,
After that you can hold me,
But you will never hold me,
A candlelight vigil for the night & your bereavement of our moments,
A legendary Plummer grab my hat & arrivederci.

Mercy me,
Mercy, mercy me,
& maybe now you’ll see,
You don’t really know me,
Even I don’t know me,
I function lonely.

Late in my mind I hear you walking.

Grievance in my eyes, I’m victim stalking.

This party was built for two, only two,
But you’re here, only,
Because love disowned me.

Late in my dreams I hear your droppings,
Shit, fucks & I hate you’s,
Still within these echoes I hear you walking.

So come close.

Or don’t come close.

I feel like you know me,
Love will never hold me here.

– The Rager

Written by Oladeji Odumosu


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