Insecurities of a Demi-God part 1/4


Sit up here,
Wrap your legs,
Like that.

The most unsanitary set of our affections,
I heard the phrase:

“Don’t be eaten where you eat”

I’m sorry.
I made it up.
I hope you laugh at it.

You seem prepared for a predictable curse,
The only gift I can offer you,
A Midas tongue, the hope to leave you dependant & weak.
Initial symptoms are trembling, weakness in the knees & the lost of speech.
I felt your lip quiver,
I want you in your feelings.
Ignore that I can’t control mine.
If our moment came fast,
There’s a pledge for round two.
If I told you a flower blooms in a dark room, don’t trust it
I’m more thorns than petals,
My rendition of innocence is heinous,
But just a taste sustains us,
The lost one that found shelter in your regret,
Only issue is I wanted the shame on you.

But at least we can say; we almost fell in love.

Almost had you in the guillotine.
Glad you kept your head screwed on,
While I wanted the clouds.

I heard;
“no man is an island”.
I’ll keep faith in the phrase,
Hunting for some sea turtles,
An unwise eye on the sparrow, while I rage in the distance.
You can both watch the ship sink,
Tell the watcher; the sparrow has wings when he jumps,
& he can find home when he wants.

This is not a guilt trip,
I’ve lost faith & you’re filled to the brim; I want to suck it out of you,
With or without the pun; feel my sincerity.
From your ecstasy to your intuition,
Amber-like, keep existing in the in-between,
As the almost saviour & clueless survivor.
I provide nothing but orgasms & an orchestra of tears,
Sing the praises of the bad guy,
The dreaded bad guy.

& at the end of it all, we have to act like couldn’t have loved each other.

– Thelonious Rager 


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